The 4L60E transmission by General Motors is one of the longest standing one by the brand. It shares similar components as other 4L60 transmissions as well as the 4L65E, in regards to longitudinal engines. The manufacturing plants of 4l60E are in Michigan, Ohio, Toledo, and Romulus.

The detonation of ‘E’ stands for the electronic control aspect of the transmission. The shift’s control is within the car’s board computer system. It depends on the throttle ranges and rpm. The earlier version of the 4L60E is 4L60, which did not have an electronic control system. The manufacture date and rear outputs are primary elements of the 4L60 transmission.

Applications of the transmission

The most common area of applications of the 4L60E is the rear-wheel wheel drive position. The transmission is the most common on the road today because of the proven long-term strength and functionality. The first construction and installation of the device were in 1992 when manufacturers chose to integrate better technology.

The initial application of the device was in the following makes and models:

  • Cadillac Brougham and all Chevrolet models
  • The Pontiac Firebirds of 1993
  • Buck Roadmaster of between 1994 and 1996
  • Australian cars Caprice and Commodore of the Holden brand
  • The 1997 and later version of the Chevrolet Avalanche luxury trucks
  • The 1997 Camaros, Colorado pickups, and Compact S-10s
  • Sport utility vehicle vehicles like Tahoe, Suburban, Trailblazer
  • Other models like Yukon, Sonoma. GMC Sierra, 2004 GTO, and Pontiac Firebird

How does the transmission adapt to other cars?

General Motors designed the transmission for its original installation vehicles. Admirers who learned of the performance quickly adapted it to other makes, including passenger vehicles and trucks. Currently, the 4L60E is a popular conversion option for the following models:

  • Chrysler two
  • Four-wheel jeep
  • Four-wheel drive SUVs
  • Makes like the Dana 18, Dana 300 and Dana 20 of between 1980 and 1986

Construction of the transmission

The transmission is a modification of the predecessor 4L60 transmission. It has the following main pieces, which are all made from the cast aluminum alloy.

  • Tailhousing
  • Main case
  • Bellhousing

The transmission has a length of 21.9 inches and weighs 146 pounds when dry. Installed fluids have a collective weight of 162 pounds. The amount of fluid installed depends on the details of the torque convertor. A torque convertor of 9.64 will take up a transmission fluid of 8.4 quarts, and a torque convertor of 11.81 will take up 11.4 quarts of liquid.

The transmission uses solenoids and electronic actuators to control the valve body, clutches, and bands of the shift gears. The speed sensor and powertrain determine which gear shift is optimum for the current powertrain. The ratios of the 4L60E equipment are 3.059 to -1 for the first level, -1 to 1.625 for the second, 0.696 to -1 for the fourth and -1 to 1 for the third. The reverse gear ratio is 2.29 to -1.

General Motors regularly releases revisions of the 4L60E transmission, with tweaks that improve durability and usability. Each transmission is available from Gearstar. Call today for specific customization of the construction.