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A good number of adults wish they could fly an airplane. The reality is that most will live and die with the wish unmet unless they get some type of pilot training such as ATP certification. Becoming a trained pilot and getting certified is the only way to fly an airplane safely. Pilots undergo serious training because many human lives are left in their hands once they take to the sky.

Do you have the zeal to become a pilot? Are you ready for your Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) certification? Choosing a foremost aviation academy like FlyBy is the best decision you can take. Do you need answers to important questions about ATP certification? Here are answers to some of the Frequently Asked Questions about the training and certification process:

Q: Do I need some level of experience to register for ATP training?

A: Not at all! We can take you from no experience in a cockpit to commercial pilot in as little as 14 months. IF you do have an existing PPL certification we can shave a few months off that depending on your current number of flight hours.

Q: How safe is it to fly when pursuing an ATP course?

A: Individuals who are just getting into flying are normally concerned about how safe the training can be. The fact is, flying is easier than most people think, and the training sessions should be as safe as humanly possible if you choose a top flying academy.

Q: How do I choose an ATP aviation academy to earn my commercial airline pilot license?

A: You have to be careful about the flying academy you choose for your ATP certification course. Your chances of finishing your training in time and getting your airline transport pilot license will be influenced by the flight academy you choose. That is why we always encourage aspiring pilots to choose one of the finest aviation academies like FlyBy.

Q: What makes FlyBy Academy an outstanding to become a career pilot?

A: Some have recognized FlyBy as one of the greatest flight academies in Europe. It is actually the only one in the continent that offers a 100% all-inclusive ATPL Integrated course for only 69,300 Euros. The academy currently has up to 15 expert instructors with 19 aircraft in the fleet. Over 55 different nationalities have made FlyBy their home. It has recorded over 18,000 flight hours experience with many successful graduates. FlyBy also allows you to achieve your EASA ATPL in as little as 14 months.

Q: What are the admission requirements for an ATP Certification?

A: Admission requirements for FlyBy students vary according to the course they want to take. If you are setting out on your journey, you must be at least 17 years of age when applying and up to 18 when it is time to commence training. You must also obtain an EASA Class 1 medical without restriction and pass the admission test. Candidates are also expected to meet ICAO English Level 4 standards.

Q: Are there minimum height requirements to receiving an ATP certificate?

A: Mostly, there is no height restriction for pilot training. You can obtain a civil professional license unless you are too short or too tall. If you are less than 5'2″ (157cm) or more than 6'6″ (200), you will be advised about the kinds of aircraft you can get comfortably pilot. You will find out more about physical requirements when you make contact with a top aviation academy.

Q: Will my flight training be different if I am an international student?

A: If you are coming to FlyBy academy as an international student, you will be treated like everyone else. Your training will be the same as what everyone gets. Besides, many of our students come from other countries with 55 different nationalities represented at our school. You can be sure that you will get top of the line pilot training and qualify for your pilot license at the right time.

Q: What if I already have a private pilot’s certificate?

A: If you already hold a private pilot's license (PPL), your training will be easier and potentially faster. This is because you will be credited with an appropriate number of flying hours for your requisite experience. This will also affect how much you will eventually pay for your prime pilot training. For more on our PPL program click here.

Q: How long does it take to get enough experience to complete an ATP CTP program?

A: It depends on the route you take to achieve your license.  Modular programs which are a piecemeal approach to meeting the requirements can take years.  Integrated ATPL programs are much faster, but can still take up to two years if you attend a flight school where it is hard to accumulate the hours necessary to meet the standards necessary to receive a license.

At FlyBy Aviation Academy we schedule a very intense curriculum with a significant amount of flight time.  With our program, it is possible to go from zero experience in avaiation to ATPL certified to work at a major airline in as little as 14 months.

Q: How often do you succeed with visa acceptance certification for international flight students?

A: FlyBy boasts of a 100% success record obtaining student visas. You can rest assured that we will get your visa sorted out, and you will join the academy as soon as possible. 

Q: What is the major benefit of your ATP Integrated Course?

A: The major benefit of this course is that it offers the fastest way anyone to achieve the goal of becoming a commercial pilot. Our course will help you qualify to work with any major passenger carriers in Europe and beyond. To get started with your ultimate pilot training, contact FlyBy school to learn how to fly +44 7828 886964.

Atp Certification