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Earn Your Airline Transport Pilot License ATPL and a Bachelor of Science University Degree in One Single Course

Burgos University and FlyBy, the largest flight school in Spain, have come together to create the perfect combination of flight training excellence and higher education.

Airline Transport Pilot Degree (ATPD)

We now offer a comprehensive Bachelor of Science with ab-initio Integrated Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) training and an Airline Transport Pilot Degree. This program is highly valued by airline management and aviation recruitment experts of corporate and commercial airlines within Europe and across the globe.

Students will graduate with a European EASA Airline Transport Pilot Licence ATPL and a Bachelor of Science Degree – BSc Commercial Pilot – from Burgos University.

This program is aimed at aspiring commercial pilots who wish to develop the skills, knowledge and employability profile that will give them a competitive advantage to land their first job as First Officers with a commercial airline and also the necessary foundations for a successful long term career. Our Airline Transport Pilot Degree will prepare students for the competitive job market in the aviation industry and will give them an advantage in securing a position as a commercial pilot especially as a newly qualified pilot.

Why Study at Burgos University and FlyBy?

Our Bachelor Degree allows you to achieve a university degree and a ‘frozen’ ATPL, in just three years. After you graduate you’ll be able to apply for First Officer roles with commercial airlines.

In a constantly changing business environment, a comprehensive awareness of the aviation industry is key and our ATPD course will give you the knowledge and skills to succeed.

Commercial aviation is evolving very rapidly due to the great technological, regulatory and economic-social changes that are taking place. With the Airline transport Pilot Degree you will obtain the highest standard of training in the profession of your dreams. With full-time dedication, this ATPL and Bachelor degree is the perfect combination for a successful commercial pilot career.

The “frozen” ATPL is the standard offered by the flight schools and is the minimum requirement to work in an airline. Our Bachelor’s degree will take you that big step further, enabling you to stand out in the job market. This official degree course combines the EASA ATPL Integrated program with higher university studies in aviation and the rigorous program will guarantee you meet the strict demands of operators world wide.

We have a strong focus on employability, and our training partners and professional connections will give you the chance to gain in depth knowledge in the aviation industry.

FLYBY Aviation Academy Students on Plane

Duration 3 years
All Lectures, classroom and flight training conducted in English
• 204 University credits
• FlyBy’s Complete ATPL Integrated program
• Introduction courses to the Airbus A320 and Boeing 737
• Program includes ATPL Frozen and CPL along with a Bachelor of Science degree

The Airline Transport Pilot Degree Syllabus

During the first academic year, contents will endorse specific Integrated Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) subjects and flight training. Lectures will take place in Burgos University and ATPL classroom and flight training will take place at FlyBy’s facilities in Burgos International Airport.

Throughout the second academic year, contents will include the remaining ATPL subjects and air navigation subjects. Moreover, flight instruction will continue being a relevant portion of activities. Flight simulator training (Airbus A320 and Boeing 737) and flight instruction will take place at the Burgos Airport.

In the third academic year, students will complete their competences and skills by attending a wide range of aeronautical subjects, simulator sessions and flight instruction tutorials.

Throughout the degree, students will have the chance of enriching their knowledge in aeronautical knowledge by attending seminars with aviation experts and visiting aerospace enterprises.



How Classroom and Flight Training are Combined:

Classroom Training

FlyBy is the largest flight school in Spain and regulated under the European aviation authority EASA. The approved ATPL Integrated phase of the program combined with the classroom training at Burgos University comprises of at least 1762 hours of theoretical knowledge and 278 hours of practical flight training.

ATPL theoretical and flight training will be held at Burgos University and FlyBy facilities at Burgos Airport and spread out during the 3 years of the program. The ATPL theoretical exams are sat with Austro Control at FlyBy facilities.

Flight Training

FlyBy has a modern fleet of 21 aircraft and 2 simulators suitable for the different phases of flight training. The ATPL Integrated program will be complemented in FNPT II and MCC approved flight simulators including the Airbus A320.

Students will also receive a Jet Orientation Course and Advanced Introduction Courses to the Airbus A320 and the Boeing 737.

Total Price €89,500

Academic Year 23-24: €42,000
€1000 – Pre-registration
€16,000 – First Semester
€25,000 – Second Semester

Academic Year 24- 25: €32,000
€16,000 – First Semester
€16,000 – Second Semester

Academic Year 25- 26: €15,500
€7,750 – First Semester
€7,750 – Second Semester

• All 14 EASA Ground exam fees for ATPL exams in Burgos International Airport (1 try per subject)
• EASA Flight skill tests: CPL, ME/IR and PBN
• Landing fees
• Pilot Uniform
• Study material
• Bristol Ground School (2 years)
• Jeppesen
• Training material

Entry Requirements
• Be at least 17 years of age to apply (18 to commence training)
• Be able to obtain an EASA Class 1 medical without restrictions. To be taken upon arrival to Spain.
• Mandatory: Passing our admission tests which include Personality, English, Mathematics and Physics.
• Completed secondary or high school education

Intake Date
2nd October 2023


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We use an automated enrollment sequence similar to the one used in our ATPL integrated program, except part of the process will be handled by Burgos University.

Step 1. If you have prior flight experience or university degree credits, you might qualify for reduced pricing for the ATPD program given the number of flight hours and certifications you might already have.  In order to get a custom quote, please fill out the following form prior to applying for the program:

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Step 2. If you do not have prior flight experience or once you receive your custom quote and are ready to formally enroll, fill out the application using the Apply Now! button below and send the upfront payment via Paypal or Wire Transfer. Be sure to select the option for the ATPD Burgos University Degree  on the last page and not the ATPL course.

Wire transfers should be sent to (note this is different from the ATPL Wire Details):
Beneficiary: Fundación General de la Universidad de Burgos
Beneficiary address: C/ Hospital del Rey, s/n – 09001 Burgos – Spain
Branch Address: Casa del Cordón – Plaza De La Libertad, S/N – 09004 Burgos – Spain
IBAN:​​ES05 2100 8690 8102 0001 7465
Subject: ​Full Name Of Student

Step 3. If you did not make the initial payment via Paypal, you will be required to upload a scanned copy of your proof of wire payment using the same email address used on your application above.

Step 4. You will be sent a test code to take an entrance exam.  Once you have finished taking the exam notify us by clicking the link in the email that came with your exam code.

Step 5. If you passed the exam, you will receive an email confirming such along with your detailed test results.  Your application will then be forwarded to Burgos University to finish the process including the issuance of the training contract and collecting the upfront payment to enroll.

Click on the button below to start the admission process.  If you have any questions on the program, click on the Contact Us button at the top of the page.

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​Be sure to be prepared to upload a copy of your passport/ID​ and pay your application deposit by PayPal or Wire Transfer.


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All payments made to:
Fundación General de la Universidad de Burgos
Beneficiary Address:
C/ Hospital del Rey, s/n – 09001 Burgos – Spain
Branch Address:
Casa del Cordón – Plaza De La Libertad, S/N – 09004 Burgos – Spain
IBAN #: ​
ES05 2100 8690 8102 0001 7465
Swift Code / BIC: ​
Subject: ​
Full Name Of Student

Enrollment will be complete once the Admission Form and all documents have been received and enrollment fee transferred.

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