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Superior flight lesson planning will lead to excellent results. Any pilot instructor who dismisses the simple planning wisdom will not be acting in the best interests of his students. Similarly, it is important for any student pursuing a career in aviation make sure they do their due diligence and planning before selecting the right flight school.

You will be entrusting your entire career to a flight school when you to receive flight lessons at their school. How do you know how to research the right school?

The first indicator of a school’s quality is the feedback from current and past students. Do they feel they are getting the attention they need to successfully complete their studies? Can the instructors explain the material to them in a way that makes sense? How well do the instructors get them comfortable in the cockpit on their first few flights? These are all questions you will want to ask students in your due diligence process.

At FlyBy we allow you to proceed on your flight lessons with confidence by arming you with the best flight training to address each student’s needs.

Want Flight Experience in An Aircraft? Four reasons to choose our flying lessons over one of the microlight pay by the minute instructors

Consistently qualified flight instructors with aviation experience

We have a team of staff that you meet in a professional and friendly atmosphere. The well-educated team is qualified to teach all the skills you need to know to fly with one of the major commercial airlines. Therefore, you have steady support of instructors from the onset of all flight lessons.

We ask aspiring student pilots to take assessment tests so we can judge their suitability for study and can recommend resources to help them improve in areas that they might be lacking in knowledge. Throughout the training, we will help you maintain a consistently positive attitude to experience complex lessons with ease. The detailed exam hurdles of ATPL courses are much easier when you can enjoy our entire team's professional approach.

You can judge the initial sense of our aviation academy by visiting one of our air bases where you will experience unmatched professionalism. Whether you already have a PPL or are new to flying, joining the integrated course will advance you towards your goal of becoming a commercial airline pilot.

Beyond the Microlight Flying Lessons: One of the Best Commercial Aeroplane Flight Experience Programs

The best flight lessons are within the enclosure of a professional curriculum program that will advance you towards a specific goal such as receiving your EASA ATPL certification. One of the advantages of an integrated program is that every lesson is tailored to getting to your certification without duplication of lessons or crucial missing components that can be experienced when taking flight lessons using a piecemeal approach.

It is also important that any school that you examine has the appropriate curriculum approval from the governing body that overseas flight licensing in that jurisdiction, such as the FAA in the United States and EASA in Europe.

FlyBy’s program is geared towards and EASA license in Europe which we consider to be one of the most favorable for students because (1) it can be achieved in a relatively short period of time with reasonable flight hour requirements and (2) it is widely accepted by a number of different countries representing a large portion of the worldwide commercial air traffic.

This is one of the reasons why prospective pilots in the United States might consider studying in Europe. While the FAA is a very respected license, the number of flight hours required is much more substantial requiring more time and money invested in training before one is eligible to fly with a commercial airliner. On the other hand, if a US student trains in Europe, getting his EASA license sooner, he can get a job with a European carrier and then be paid to complete the flight hours required for his FAA certification.

Intense Preparation For Your Flying Lessons to Create a Great Flight Experience Every Minute of Your Flight

Many students want to dive into a pilot course with little thought of practical and theoretical knowledge gained from ground training. Learning how to fly the plane is the ultimate goal for all aspirators, but it is not smart to take classes without proper preparation.

That is why most certified integrated programs start with the classroom knowledge requiring students to demonstrate their knowledge from passing exams before advancing to the flight lesson component of the course. As a result, students who complete the classroom training before entering the cockpit will be better prepared and less overwhelmed when they get up in the air.

The practice simulators in our school are enough for you to get a real feel of multiple airplanes before flying those models. This is particularly important for the larger passenger planes where the economics do not justify practice flights of such large gas guzzlers.

A Good Personality Match to Create Great Flying Lesson Experiences in a Variety of Aircraft

The flight instructor has a direct impact on your success; hence, it is only sensible that you have good chemistry with the instructor. Our goal is to cultivate both a professional environment and socially comfortable space for all our students.

We train all our students with their end goal of becoming a commercial pilot in our minds. We know why you chose the integrated ATP course, and help you to prepare you fully to become a commercial pilot.

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