FlyBy February 2022 Newsletter

Feb 8, 2022

A Flying Start to 2022 for FlyBy!

Time is running out to secure ALL INCLUSIVE training for €74,900!

New students from the November and January intakes have been settling in here in Burgos. We had very high numbers in both intakes and they are advancing quickly through their training. Whilst much of Europe is suffering from delays due to cold and miserable weather, we were able to take advantage of our location in Spain and fly every single day following our Winter break. Our Chief Flight Instructor has been extremely busy with UPRT courses doing acrobatics in the skies above Burgos.

February 2022 will be the last opportunity to join our all inclusive course for just €74,900. From 1st March onwards the price will increase in line with the significant investments that have been made here at FlyBy over the past few years. These investments in our facilities, aircraft and course have enabled us to continue to provide the highest level of training even while other flight schools have been forced to shut down or delay their students training. You can find out more at our upcoming Online Open Day (details will be emailed to you soon). Enroll now to lock in the current price!


News from the world of aviation

FlyBy sends its congratulations to an inspirational young pilot who recently became the youngest woman to circumnavigate the world SOLO! At only 19, Zara Rutherford spent 5 months flying over 41 countries. She documented her trip and has lots of inspirational footage that can be found on her website. Zaraʼs message of encouragement that aviation is for EVERYONE is one that we fully support here at FlyBy Aviation Academy.

woman in jacket in front of plane


Omicron has been playing a major role on a global scale, experts say the aviation sector suffered “a trip” on the road to recovery. Some airlines were forced to reduce their schedules but the worst seems to be over already. Shares are recovering quickly and passenger bookings have been boosted as further reductions in entry requirements are being seen. Airlines and travel firms have welcomed the UK government’s decision to scrap testing requirements for fully vaccinated travelers. Cases are not as serious as they were thought to be and people are looking to get away for winter sun or some time on the ski slopes.

Globally, airlines are starting to make profits again – Southwest Q4 profit was $68 million dollars. In 2021, Alaska Air Group made a $478 million profit compared with a loss of $1.3 billion. While some airlines havenʼt fared as well, the outlook is certainly positive. From my own perspective, passenger numbers on routes Iʼve been flying increased in January compared to both November and December. Countries who shut their borders are now opening up again too. Morocco is opening up to international travel again at the start of February. The UAE is lifting restrictions on 11 African countries. France and Switzerland have also relaxed their entry requirements providing a welcome boost to their tourism markets.

airplane taking off

Source: BALPA

Technology is constantly evolving around us. There were fears that 5G may cause issues for aviation. During the most critical phase of flight, when the aircraft is coming in to land, there are systems onboard the aircraft that assist the pilot. These are especially important when there is adverse weather. The frequency used for 5G is “close” to that used by equipment such as the Radio Altimeter – known as “the C-Band”. When we are unable to see the runway due to precipitation we rely on instruments to provide us with guidance. If these are interrupted or unreliable it could be an issue. There was concern this may see the cancellation of many flights when there is poor visibility, causing frustration for airlines and customers. Thankfully airlines and airports have mitigated the risks and issues. The strength of the 5G frequencies have been limited in sensitive areas, buffer zones have been enforced around airports and some countries (especially in Europe) have ensured there is a larger separation in the frequencies used for equipment and 5G.


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