FlyBy Newsletter – December 2021

Dec 11, 2021

Advanced UPRT Training is SUPER at FlyBy!

The Super Decathlon Has Arrived

What a beauty! Take a look at the latest addition to our fleet of 21 aircraft. Itʼs a Super Decathlon 8KCAB. With 180 horsepower, a fuel injected engine and a reinforced frame to withstand the extra G-Forces, youʼll be amazed by the aircraftʼs capabilities. It can handle aerobatic stresses in the range of +6G all the way down to -5G!

We have loved seeing this aerobatic aircraft painted beautifully in the FlyBy colours performing spins and manoeuvres in the skies above Spain. Many students have said that their favourite part of our 14 month course is when they get a chance to take control of the Super Decathlon during the UPRT (Upset Prevention and Recovery Training) section of their training. Since December 2019 The European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) requires all students to complete a UPRT before they are eligible to complete a Type Rating. Therefore any future pilot who wishes to fly for a commercial airline will need to complete the UPRT course. FlyByʼs All Inclusive ATPL provides you with the URPT certification and the chance to fly with our world class flight instructors in the beautiful aircraft you see in the picture above.


We now offer the UPRT course as a standalone course as well as it being a standard part of our Integrated ATPL. During a UPRT course, youʼll focus on recovery from “undesirable aircra states” in both nose-high and nose-low attitudes. Youʼll see the world from a whole new perspective through the window in the roof!

If you want more information on the UPRT course, and if you want to see an exciting video of the Super Decathlon in action, check out the UPRT page on our website.

News from the world of aviation

The strong recovery of the aviation sector was on show as last month saw the return of the international Dubai airshow which takes place every two years. Lots of commitments were made, particularly by low cost carriers who are looking to prepare for Summer 2022 with huge orders of A321neo and 737 Maxʼs being placed. In North America, Air Canada has shown a large improvement allowing it to exit the Canadian Government Financial Support Scheme while in Europe, Brussels Airline have added another aircra to their fleet for next year.


Image credit – Emirates. Dubai Expo 2021.

There were a few “firsts” in November. As the crisp, clear days of the European winter approach we are wrapping up a little warmer. Here at FlyBy we are preparing for our annual 2 week break to allow students to head home to recharge, ready for a busy 2022. Down in Antarctica the first landing of an Airbus A340 was made by HiFly on the glacial runway. Itʼll open up opportunities for research & tourism. Meanwhile, there was a first ever dual takeoff from Heathrow to delight plane spotters as Virgin Atlantic and British Airways collaborated to celebrate the reopening of US borders to Europeans. The collaboration of those involved highlights the aviation industry’s spirit and resolve which has allowed us to get through the worst of the pandemic and look towards a bright future in the skies.


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