FlyBy Newsletter – November 2021

Oct 27, 2021

FlyBy is now Spain’s biggest flight school!

In only 6 years we’ve gone from number 20 to NUMBER 1!

The amazing hard work of the whole team of instructors, backroom staff and students here at FlyBy have allowed us to move into top spot in Spain based on traffic figures for September according to the AENA statistics. It doesn’t stop here, FlyBy is moving onwards and upwards with plans to continue our growth whilst maintaining the excellent value and standard of training we are known for.

While other schools struggled through the pandemic, FlyBy has taken advantage of our secure financial position and invested in aircraft, instructors and facilities. We have invested heavily in 21 state of the art planes and our Airbus A320 Simulator. In the next few years we will be continuing to expand our operations and looking forward to welcoming many more aspiring pilots. The number of pilots starting their ATPL training is now around the same level as it was before the pandemic as we see the aviation industry continue to recover strongly. Already, we have seen 81 students graduate in 2021 with more expected before the end of the year and there are students enrolled on each of the 6 courses we have starting in 2022.

Aviation is coming back stronger and FlyBy Aviation Academy is at the forefront of training the next generation of pilots that the airlines are desperately searching for. We will continue to work together to provide excellent training and support our students to provide them with the highest quality of training. Our ALL INCLUSIVE training has attracted students from over 80 countries around the world, we take care of everything so you can focus on learning to fly!

News from the world of aviation

The aviation industry has been welcoming back two aircraft that we haven’t seen flying for a little while – The A380 and the 737 MAX. The aircraft were out of public sight for very different reasons but now airlines are starting to reintroduce them for scheduled flights. Airlines like British Airways, Qatar and Singapore have all said they will start to use the Airbus A380, the world’s largest passenger airliner again. Passenger numbers and demand have been continuously increasing, therefore making the large aircraft a viable option for the airlines.

After rigorous testing and checks, authorities have been allowing the Boeing 737 MAX back into the skies. Authorities have imposed their own checks to ensure the plane is fit to fly. Pilots who will fly the MAX, including myself, have been required to complete extra training with regards to the new safety systems implemented by Boeing to counteract the issues which grounded the plane in 2020. Thankfully for the airlines who invested heavily in the latest version of the 737 the MAX has been approved in many parts of the world again.

Passenger confidence seems to be increasing as time goes on and the number traveling is starting to return to pre-pandemic levels. A lot are still frustrated by the different regulations across the world but IATA have been working alongside some of the world’s largest airlines to develop a Travel Pass APP. With initiatives like this and a high demand for holidays and reunions the industry has been making a steady but obvious recovery. For the latest aircraft and passenger stats have a look at the Eurocontrol website.

Things are looking good in terms of pilot job opportunities! Airlines around the world are continuing to hire new pilots in preparation for Summer 2022 and a shortage of pilots. Ryanair and Wizz Air are both stepping up their recruitment with hundreds of pilots being trained during 2021. Wizz Air alone have set out plans to hire 4,600 new pilots by 2030 along with increasing their fleet of Airbus significantly.

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