FlyBy Aviation Academy Sets Record For Number of Hours Flown in One Week

Jul 14, 2020

We are excited to present you an updated of all that has happened at FlyBy in the past month.

FlyBy Flying Record

Many people still ask us if we have started operating again and the answer is yes of course we have!

Not only have we been back to full operations for over a month now but we have twice beaten our weekly number of flying hours since we reopened after lockdown. Last week we smashed our previous record by 67% and this past month we have increased the amount of hours flown by 36%. Enlarging our fleet, hiring new instructors and fine tuning our operations has definitely increased FlyBy’s output capacity.

FlyBy Grows

Not only have we experienced record enrollments with nearly 30 students starting in July, we have also increased the size of our fleet to 19 planes! During the month of April, right in the middle of lockdown, to match FlyBy’s rapid growth, we purchased 2 more brand new PS-28 Cruisers. We have also recently had our second new Tecnam P2006 twin-engine delivered from Italy.

During the month of July FlyBy will be inaugurating it’s second flight operations in Garray Airport in the city of Soria. These state of the art facilities will be up and running next week and we have 18 students starting there on the 16th of July.

We will no doubt be breaking our weekly and monthly flight hour record again once our operations are up and running in Soria.

FlyBy EASA Exam result Record

Our students have also just had their first official EASA ATPL exam sitting since reopening and they have scored their highest average pass rate ever with 93%. This is one of the highest average scores ever achieved in the country!

Why Train Now!

If you are wondering whether or not this is a good time to begin flight training you must ask your self the 3 following questions:

  1. Is this my dream job?
  2. Have I got the money?
  3. Am I prepared to make the commitment?

If you answered yes three times, then consider this:  What better time is there than now to invest in your personal growth?

We are in the wake of a pandemic and global crisis and though these are difficult times for qualified commercial pilots, experts believe that the aviation industry will bounce back stronger than ever. In fact, IATA has forecasted a return to normality in less than 2 years. So if you start your training within the next 6 months, you will be on course to graduate just as the airline recruitment is returning to the high levels we saw in 2019.

Also, take into consideration that, on the one hand, thousands of potential student pilots in Europe and around the globe have decided to postpone their training until things improve, and on the other hand, many thousands of pilots will be retiring in the next 2 years. There might very well be a pilot shortage in the coming years!

So why wait? We have a course starting on the 1st of September and another starting on the 2nd of November. For more information on how to enroll please click below:

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You can learn more about our ATP Integrated course by downloading the following PDF file:

ATPL Integrated Course Brochure

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