Pilots with PPL



If you hold the PPL, we will credit you up to 40 flying hours. Follow the chart below:

 Number of PPL Hours  Hours Credited  Duration of Training  Cost of Training
45   22.5 11 Months € 64,250
 50   25   11 Months   € 63,700 
60  30   11 Months 

€ 63,150

70 35 11 Months

€ 62,050

80 40 11 Months

€ 61,500

 The price of the course is inclusive of VAT, all training, accommodations, meals, and an iPad.

Items included  in our all-inclusive tariff:

  • Accommodation for duration of stay in a single bedroom in a 3 bedroom apartment at University dormitories. Address:

Residence Emilio Hurtado

Av Emilio Hurtado, S / N

24007 León, Spain

+34 987 22 88 56

  • Meals for the duration of the training: 3 meals per day, 7 days per week.
  • Shuttle service between dormitories and airfield for duration. Dormitories are walking distance from University.
  • Study material from Bristol Ground School or similar.
  • iPad
  • Official ATPL exam fees taken in Leon! (1 try per subject).
  • Flight skill tests (2 tests total).
  • Headsets (1 set).
  • Initial Class 1 Medical.
  • Aeronautical Charts
    • Access to AIP charts from AENA
    • AENA 1: 500.000 from León
    • Ministry of Defense 1: 1,000,000 East and West
    • Ministry of Defense 1: 2,000,000 IFR Spain
  • Flight Manual
  • Computer CR3
  • Log Book
  • Maneuvers Manual
  • Uniform
    • 2 trousers
    • 3 shirts
    • 2 ties
    • 1 jersey
  • Basic Health Insurance required for the Spanish ID for foreigners. Only for non-EU nationals.

All material must be returned upon completion of the training. If the material is damaged, the student will be charged with the cost of replacement plus 10% for admin costs.


Be at least 17 years of age to apply (18 to commence training). 
Be a European Union passport holder or eligible for a Student Visa.

Mandatory: Passing our admission tests which include Personality, English, Mathematics and Physics.

Suggested: Completed secondary or high school education.

Be able to get an EASA Class 1 medical without restrictions. To be taken upon arrival to Spain.

Admission tests  which will be taken online from home:

  •  Aptitude test :  Symbiotic ADAPT test

The system features 64 proven aviation specific psychological profiles mapped to 64 specific aviation training profiles that integrate for roles individuals, taking nationality and culture into account. According to the company, ADAPT Online Pilot Selection can be used by aviation organizations anywhere in the world with a wide range of contextual settings for different cultures, languages, specific air domains or environmental situations. Test styles are nondiscriminatory to gender, ethnicity, age or learning backgrounds.

  • English  for non-native speakers. Minimum level is ICAO 4 or IELTS 5.5.
  • Mathematics & Physics  Time controlled tests are compliant with IATA standards.