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Commercial flying is one of the most exciting professions in existence. It is also one of the highest-paid and most sought-after jobs in the world today. However, to become a top-line commercial pilot, you will need all your skills and effort. You must also have the instruction of a premier aviation academy.

If you want to become a commercial pilot and become captain for a large carrier, you must obtain an Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL). In Europe, you will find different options to do your pilot training. Among the options, the best alternative is FlyBy. You must know why we are the leading pilot school on the continent.

Why Choose Flyby to Become A Pilot?

1. Prestige & Reputation – Flying with the Best

Flyby has become a commercial pilot school of reference in Europe, thanks to the extraordinary level of instruction and training for its graduates. Our flying academy has received many transfers from other flight schools, both large and small looking for a better training experience. We are an approved Training Organization registered with the Spanish Civil Aviation Authority. We are also recognized within the EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency). This allows our first officer graduates to access airline positions immediately upon graduation.

The technical academic level at which our students graduate is top of the line and is recognized by the entire global aviation industry. This is why our graduates obtain significant positions in renowned airlines such as Iberia, British Airways, ALS, Turkish Airlines, and Kuwait Airways, among others.

2. The Best Pilot Training

We have one of the best training systems for commercial aviation in the world. To graduate from ATPL, our students receive 750 hours of classroom training. Additionally, they will have the necessary training in the simulators and 238 hours of flight training. Finally, they will experience an extended 40-hour APS MCC in an Airbus A320.

To complete their instruction, they will have study material from the Bristol Ground School, or similar. Also, we include an iPad with the study material and the aeronautical charts.


3. Outstanding Academy

Our academy students receive the knowledge of 15 top-notch instructors, with more than 18K hours of combined flight experience.

In addition to theoretical knowledge, students receive training in a state of the art simulators, including Airbus A320 and Boeing 737 equipment. For the practices, we use one of the most extraordinary airfields in Spain: Burgos International Airport. There is an excellent climate all year round, allowing for smooth flying and complete instruction of the candidates.


4. Top Notch Fleet & Facilities

To complete our students' instruction, we have one of the most modern fleets of aircraft for teaching, with 19 state-of-the-art glass cockpit aircraft. These include 14 single-engine VFR, two single-engine VFR, 1 SuperDecathlon 8KCAB for UPRT, and two twin-engine planes. While other flight schools were hunkering down during the pandemic, we were continuing to purchase new planes to meet the needs of our growing student body, showing the confidence we have in the airline transportation industry into the future regardless of the direction of this current pandemic.

Additionally, students will receive theoretical instruction at the University of Burgos' modern facilities, integrating the most current technology, such as using the iPad, included with the course registration. This course offers accommodation, and applicants will enjoy their private bedroom and bathroom in residences.


5. All-Inclusive Way to Obtain all the Licences You Need to Fly Commercially

FlyBy is the only flight school for ATPL certification in Europe that offers a 100% all-inclusive course. In addition to all training and accommodation, the three daily meals are also provided throughout the week. You will also enjoy the shuttle service between the dorms and the airport.

But FlyBy goes further so that you have everything you need for your instruction. We also include the headset and one initial class medical. Once the education is completed, we will pay all 14 EASA ground exam fees for ATPL exams and the 2 EASA flight skill tests. This way, you will have the peace of mind that we will cover everything you need to get certified as a pilot, with a single fee, without any hidden or additional costs.

It's Time to Learn to Fly! Contact us for More Information.

If you're ready to start your incredible career as a commercial pilot, we're prepared to help you. You don't need previous experience, just the desire and willingness to learn. We focus on the customer and will support you throughout your career. Train with the most experienced instructors, the most advanced equipment and fleet, and the most extraordinary Spain facilities.

For only payment of €69,300, you can obtain your ATPL certification in just 14 months. Let Europe's best instructors turn you into a world-class pilot. After you graduate with us, the sky will be your limit. Contact FlyBy Aviation Academy to learn how to become a pilot. We will be happy to assist you.

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