Why Become a Commercial Pilot

Nov 5, 2020

Amazing benefits, an unbeatable view and the ability to provide an important service to the world. Does this job sound too good to be true? Fortunately, this job is very much real, and one that is highly recognized around the world! Working as a commercial pilot will provide you with all of these incredible rewards while enabling you to gain a deeper admiration for the world around you. Even better, training is much easier than most people believe and can be performed at many locations around the world. Listed below are the top responses for answering the question, “Why become a commercial pilot?”

1) It is NEVER Boring

Working this job means that no two days will be the same. As each flight is filled with different scenarios, including variable weather, flight paths, and other natural influences, every day will lead to a new adventure. Moreover, since flights occur around the globe 24/7, your schedule will continually fluctuate depending on flight times, meaning you will experience the world at many different kinds of times. Those who despise the same-old 9-5 schedule, five days a week, will absolutely love this continuously rotating schedule.

2) Travel, Travel, Travel!

Most people can only dream of getting to see a large amount of the globe. Thankfully, with this profession, you will experience countless amount of different cultures, views and experiences. With flights reaching virtually every part of the world, you can choose a new place to live or simply choose to experience new places during layovers. Even better, commercial pilots usually receive excellent travel benefits, so they and their loved ones can explore the globe and gain a deeper appreciation for what it has to offer.

3) There is Lots of Time Off

Pilots enjoy more time off than other professions due to the nature of their work. The average amount of days off a month is about 12 days for beginning pilots. Even better, pilots enjoy more days off in between workdays than other jobs. The best part? Since flying is a pilot’s main task, there is no need to take any extra work home, guaranteeing your time off will actually be spent off and not buried in paperwork to be completed at home!

4) Face Exciting Challenges

Being a pilot is not always an easy job. The career requires individuals who can handle stressful situations, make quick decisions and know how to solve all kinds of problems that may arise. Therefore, the job will remain challenging throughout one’s career in the field. Though this may initially seem daunting, the rewards of these difficulties make the job even more appealing. Pilots are respected because they have a large set of skills that goes beyond simply flying a plane. Being able to make calculated decisions calmly is a trait that is respected by bosses, colleagues and fellow passengers worldwide.

5) Enjoy Giving Back

Many individuals crave a career that is exciting and is of important service to other people. Being a pilot means transporting both passengers and cargo safely and efficiently to locations around the globe. A lot of trust is placed in a pilot to securely and professionally perform this job and is yet another reason others so highly respect pilots. The contemporary world thrives on travel among different countries to get things done, with your service as a pilot being an important part of making the world go ’round!

6) Receive a Great Salary

Money is always an important factor to consider when pursuing a career. Luckily, in commercial piloting, salaries are just another great benefit. While salary naturally varies depending on tenure, the average pilot can expect to make $80,000 a year. As a pilot continues to gain more experience and time spent on the job, he or she can even make up to $120,000 a year. Salaries will also depend on companies or employment types, such as airlines or governmental employment, but the salary for a pilot remains high.

7) Grow a Close Bond with Colleagues

Another alluring factor of becoming a pilot is the family-like relationship of the pilot and crew life. Working in such close quarters like an airplane brings colleagues together in a way that a traditional office workspace cannot. Since flying an aircraft is often a challenging one, colleagues must be in tune and take care of each other when difficult situations arrive. Many pilots cite this close bond with others as a big highlight of the job.

8) Develop Other Worthy Skills

A pilot already requires a certain set of skills — patience, determination, calm thinking — but working as one can also help individuals grow other skills. For instance, being a pilot demands leadership, as you will be making the decisions for both yourself and your fellow crew members. This invaluable skill is often associated with positions such as CEOs or business managers but also finds its worth here. Another noteworthy skill is knowing when to make a decision that is not always seen as the obvious one. Sometimes, you will have to get creative to solve an issue, and it will not always be 100% supported by your colleagues. In the end, you are in control of the aircraft, and therefore your decision has the most weight. You will also build your confidence and self-awareness in this manner.

9) Experience Adrenaline Daily

Perhaps the idea is obvious, but it’s still worth stating — flying an airplane is exciting! Being in control of an aircraft will always be adrenaline-inducing and full of incredible views of sunrises, sunsets, blue skies or nighttime scenes. Even better, taking off and landing still brings an incredible rush and immense satisfaction, no matter the amount of times you do so!

So, why become a commercial pilot? As you can see, there are plenty of reasons. With dazzling views, endless adventure and much better benefits compared to other lines of work, there is so much to love about this career path. While the job is not always easy and requires patience and working under pressure, the rewards are unparalleled and will lead to a lifetime of wonderful memories!

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