Life in Burgos

Burgos is in the heart of Northern Spain, well known for its nature and beautiful, historic buildings as well as its hospitality and friendly locals. As part of the FlyBy Integrated ATPL Program, accommodation is included at Burgos.


Our operational base is in the city of Burgos – in the North of Spain, located 2 hours drive from Madrid and in the province of Castilla y León (the land of castles). Our base here is home to our flying phases of the course as well as theoretical ground school classes.

It is well connected by both bus and train routes and is in close proximity to other major cities: Vitoria and Logroño. Burgos enjoys over 2,200 sunshine hours making it a great place for flight training. Temperatures can vary from one extreme to another so students can experience flying in all types of weather also.

The city is rich with culture and ancient historical sites including Burgos’ Gothic Cathedral, the Monastery of Las Huelgas and the Castle of Burgos. The Cathedral of Burgos constructed in the 13th Century has even been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city is also home to a number of museums, parks and recreational grounds.


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