ICAO English Exams

ICAO 4 to 6 English exams

FlyBy is now a registered ICAO English examination centre accredited with its partnership with The English Centre in Mallorca

ICAO English Test

Our ICAO English Test follows EASA regulations and has been issued by the Hungarian Civil Authority. As per our experience and highly professional team we can provide, if the requirements are met, up to ELP6.

The ICAO English test will last 30 minutes approximately and it will consist of three different parts.

The test will be recorded on audio or video media for subsequent rating. All notes and recordings are confidential and will be treated according to the applicable law on the Protection of Personal Data.

Part A: One-on-one interaction

Personal interview (10 minutes)

You are expected to be able to speak about your professional life. The interlocutor will ask you some related questions.


Part B: No visual contact

Audio comprehension (12/15 minutes)

You will listen to two different audio samples (with no visual contact). You will be expected to answer specific questions related to the audio content and you will be asked to talk about what you have understood from the recording. You will hear each recording only once. You will be allowed to take notes. (The English Centre will provide you with pen and paper for that purpose.) You will not be allowed to take these notes after the exam.

Part C: One-on-one interaction

Vocabulary, structure and pronunciation (10 minutes)

You will be presented an image or a photograph on the topic of aviation. You will be expected to speak about a specific theme. The interlocutor will ask you several topic related questions. You will have 20 seconds to look at the photograph before you are asked to start.

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