“A Different Angle In Pilot Training”


Have fun during your flight training without jeopardizing safety!

The aerobatic Super Decathlon offers Advances UPRT training with extreme maneuverability and maximum security.

Courses starting every week
Duration: 1 week
Number of flights: 3
Theoretical training: 5 hours
Flight training: 3 hours in our Super Decathlon

CPL-A License with valid SEP rating
Valid Class 1 Medical certificate

Course price: €2,500


We use an automated enrollment sequence similar to the one used in our ATPL integrated program, except you will not be required to take an exam.

Step 1. Fill out the application using the Apply Now! button below and send the upfront payment via Paypal or Wire Transfer. Be sure to select the option for the UPRT course on the last page and not the ATPL course.

Wire transfers should be sent to:
Beneficiary: FLYBAI SL
Beneficiary address: AV. República de Argentina 15, planta 2, puerta A, Leon.
Branch adress: C/ Los Osorios, 2, 24007 León
IBAN: ES63 2100 1450 9602 0011 4525
Bank Account: 2100 1450 9602 0011 4525

You will then be sent a contract to sign along with a form to upload a digitized copy of the signed contract and proof of payment, and will also be given a chance to reserve a training slot.

Step 2. You will be sent a password that will allow you to select a time slot at the following link:

These slots are available on a first come first serve basis.  You can check the link above for preliminary course availability, but slots will only be confirmed after admission.

Step 3. You will be sent a contract via our automated email system.  Please print it out, sign it, scan the signed copy, and upload it on the form specified in the email with the contract.

Step 4. We will review your submission and if your application, contract  and payment are all in order and you meet the qualifications for the course, you will be sent an admission letter.

Click on the button below to start the admission process.  If you have any questions on the program, click on the Contact Us button at the top of the page.

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Select Your Preferred Method of Payment For Application

​Be sure to be prepared to upload a copy of your passport/ID​ and pay your application deposit by PayPal or Wire Transfer.


Click here to fill out the application if you wish to pay via PayPal.

Wire Transfer

Click here to fill out the application if you paid by Wire Transfer.

All payments made to:
La Caixa – Caixabank
Branch Address:
Calle los Osorios, 2, 24007 León
Account #: ​
ES63 2100 1450 9602 0011 4525
Swift Code / BIC: ​
Subject: ​
Full Name Of Student

Enrollment will be complete once the Admission Form and all documents have been received and enrollment fee transferred.

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