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If you’re an aspiring airline pilot, choosing the right flight school is the first step towards achieving your dream. If you have decided to take that step to become a career pilot, we commend you for your ambition. Pilot training isn’t easy, and those who commit to flying must show the highest dedication and determination. You can chose any aviation academy in Europe, from the city of Valencia or Barcelona in the nation of Spain to the sunny skies of Spain, but it is important to make the right choices in pursuing your career as a professional pilot.

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At FlyBy Aviation Academy, a flight training center located in Burgos, Spain, we stand beside our students every step of the way navigating this journey to become a pilot. As one of the world’s leading commercial pilot schools, we strive to provide our flight training students with an education that is comprehensive, practical, and complemented by unwavering support.

Our integrated ATPL training program can take someone with no flight experience and have them ready to join a commercial airline as a pilot in as little as 14 months for only €74,900, all expenses included (accommodation, meals, examiner’s fees and much more).

Of course, this isn’t the only thing that sets our flying academy apart from the pack. In this article, we’re going to be looking at everything that makes FlyBy flight training special and why you should consider us for your commercial pilot training.

ATPL Integrated Pilot Training Course

Our ATPL Integrated course gives you all the flight training and experience you need to fly airlines, charter, cargo or corporate and starting from no experience. Many flying schools specialize mainly in private pilots licenses which will certainly help you qualify to make leisure flights on your own, which certainly has its benefits, but unless you continue the long-haul Modular ATPL route, you will not be able to make money as a pilot. At FlyBy, we’ll give you all the flight training you need to make money with a career in flying while doing something you love.

Why We Do Not Recommend Modular Aircraft Pilot Training

Modular trainings are appealing because they appear more affordable short term as you can take the classes in limited modules spaced over time. These custom programs can ease you into the world of flying starting with a discovery flight and private pilot course. You can start out with your private pilot’s licence and then any other license or rating required over time (for example, instrument rating, multiengine rating, multi-crew cooperation, commercial, etc.) at any flight training academy you choose.

The problem is these flight training programs can be more expensive in the long term. There is likely to be course overlap and perhaps the necessity of accumulating more hours than necessary. The spacing of the programs in terms of waiting for one module to start after another has ended could also leave you dead time. All of this together could potentially add up to an extra year or two in your progression to the First Officer position which could mean a significant amount of lifetime earnings foregone as an airline pilot.

Affordable Integrated Aviation Training Course As An Alternative to Modular Pilot Training

With an ATPL integrated pilot program, you will receive your ATPL Frozen, a commercial licence, instrument rating, multiengine rating, and all other certifications you need to fly with major airlines. This can be done in as little as 14 months at FlyBy Aviation Academy. If you want to become a certified flight instructor on top of that with a guarantee of an instructor job for 12 months after you graduate, you can upgrade your training to our cadet program.

Should you choose to pursue a career in flying upon graduating from our flying school, it won’t take you terribly long to make back the money you spent on your education. This is partly because professional pilots are paid exceptionally well over time, and partly due to the relative affordability of our flying course.

To make flying available to everybody who wishes to pursue it as a career, we make a conscious effort to keep our course fees low. For just €74,900, you can secure your place in our world-renowned 14-month course with top notch flight instructors. You can also join our cadet program to become a certified flight instructor in addition to earning your ATPL credentials to fly a commercial aircraft.

Accommodation Provided at Our Flying School

For your course fee, you get so much more than flight training. We will ensure you have safety and peace of mind throughout your training. This we do by providing you with all the tools you need to live and learn in relative comfort. This includes accommodation. When you choose the FlyBy all-inclusive package, accommodation will be included for the duration of your course. This accommodation features a private bedroom and bathroom. If you have any questions about the facilities at our training center feel free to request more information by contacting us.

Food Provided for Each Student

Along with free accommodation, FlyBy will provide you with food throughout your time in our pilot training program as part of its all-inclusive package. You will receive three meals a day, seven days of the week. These meals are professionally prepared and contain all the nutrients you’ll need to stay healthy and energized, even during stressful course periods.

Practical And Theory Courses Covered at Our Learning Centre To Pass Trial Exams

Our pilot training is one of the most comprehensive of any flying academy in the world. The all-inclusive course consists of both practical and theory learning. Over 14 months, you will rack up 238 hours of hands-on flight training. This will be complemented by 750 hours of classroom teaching to give you the most rounded pilot training possible. You will need all this information to not only make you more at ease when you get in the cockpit to fly, but also to pass the exams necessary to get your pilot licenses, ratings and certificates.

Materials Provided in Our Commercial License Training Programmes

It is often said that a student is only as good as his tools and training. At FlyBy, we believe this to be the case. We don’t want to see a five-star student hampered by two-star equipment. That’s why we provide all of our flight students with high-quality learning materials and equipment in addition to well trained flying instructors. This includes a flight manual, several sets of uniforms, the latest flight simulators, and a log book, among other things to augment your training. We’ll even provide you with an iPad loaded with training material so you can reach your full pilot potential!

Learn More about Valencia, Spain

“Valencia is the capital of the autonomous community of Valencia and the third-largest city in Spain after Madrid and Barcelona, surpassing 800,000 inhabitants in the municipality. The wider urban area also comprising the neighbouring municipalities has a population of around 1.6 million. Valencia is Spain’s third-largest metropolitan area, with a population ranging from 1.7 to 2.5 million depending on how the metropolitan area is defined. The Port of Valencia is the 5th-busiest container port in Europe and the busiest container port on the Mediterranean Sea. The city is ranked as a Gamma-level global city by the Globalization and World Cities Research Network.

Valencia was founded as a Roman colony by the consul Decimus Junius Brutus Callaicus in 138 BC and called Valentia Edetanorum. In 714, Moroccan and Arab Moors occupied the city, introducing their language, religion and customs; they implemented improved irrigation systems and the cultivation of new crops as well. Valencia was the capital of the Taifa of Valencia. In 1238 the Christian king James I of Aragon conquered the city and divided the land among the nobles who helped him conquer it, as witnessed in the Llibre del Repartiment. He also created the new Kingdom of Valencia, which had its own laws, with Valencia as its main city and capital. In the 18th century Philip V of Spain abolished the privileges as punishment to the kingdom of Valencia for aligning with the Habsburg side in the War of the Spanish Succession. Valencia was the capital of Spain when Joseph Bonaparte moved the Court there in the summer of 1812. It also served as the capital between 1936 and 1937, during the Second Spanish Republic. ”

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Valencia

Regular Commercial Licence Courses

Many aircraft training schools do not start a new course when they already have one active. This means their potential students could end up waiting as much as a year to begin their flight training programs. This is not the case with FlyBy. We run multiple courses at a time, with a new course beginning every two months. With such regularity, you can start your training at a time that is convenient to you and be flying professionally in as little as 14 months subsequently!

Year-Round Student Flying At Our Airfield Centre

Pilot schools based in cold climates are not in a position to provide consistent flying throughout the year. Instead, they must limit the flying to the time when weather best permits it, when inclement weather and ice are less of a flying safety risk.

Thankfully, our school is located in Spain. This means we have almost constant sunny weather, allowing us have consistent flying schedules throughout the year. This is one of the advantages that allows our students to build hours towards their ATPL certification in as little as 14 months.

After Your ATPL: Receive Your Type Rating And Joining A Commercial Carrier’s Crew

Once you your have received your ATPL certification, you will be set to interview with major commercial carriers to begin making money flying the friendly skies. In the process you will also progress towards a type rating on any craft you will be flying for that airline. A type rating is simply certification of a recognized flying authority that you are able to fly a certain type of aircraft. For many, this is on the job training with whatever commercial airline company one decides to fly with depending on the craft they want you to fly in their fleet.

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As you can see, FlyBy offers the most extensive, supportive, and fulfilling aircraft education any career pilot could dream of.  You can learn more about our ATPL integrated program by going to this page.  If you’re ready to take to the skies, contact us today at +44 7828 886964 to discuss your enrollment or fill out the following form for more information:

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