FlyBy Aviation Academy January 2022 Newsletter

Jan 7, 2022

Happy New Year from all at FlyBy Aviation Academy

What a year 2021 turned out to be despite some negativity about a certain virus we are all sick of hearing about and predictions that the aviation industry would never be the same again. While some flight schools struggled and people said aviation looked bleak this time last year, Summer 2021 was a great one for us and for many airlines. We were able to expand our fleet, hire new instructors, take on students whose schools had failed them and invest heavily in our facilities and course. Whilst hiring of new pilots stopped for a couple of months it then came back strongly with many low budget carriers looking to recruit in preparation for 2022.


Letʼs have a look back at some of the things that happened in 2021.

108 FlyBy students graduated to obtain their EASA ATPL! A huge congratulations goes out to them and our wonderful team of instructors and staff for making it possible.


FlyBy became the largest flight school in Spain! Many other flight schools have students complaining about delays in their training, thatʼs not the case here at FlyBy! With our ever expanding fleet of aircraft and team of instructors we were able to take advantage of the weather and our location to increase our year on year flight hours by 97%! We will continue to grow and expand operations into 2022.


Part of the reason we have been able to grow so quickly is that in the past year we opened and established a new base in Soria, Spain. Our main location will continue to be Burgos International Airport but this base has proven to be a hit and allowed our students to experience longer and more varied flights.


We are extremely excited for all that is to come this year.

2022 is going to be a busy year for us, with all six intakes for 2022 (January, March, May, July, September & November) already have future pilots booked onto them. There are still spaces available on our ATPL Course & Cadet Program but March is filling up. Are you going to make 2022 the year you finally start taking steps towards achieving your dream of becoming a professional pilot?


We will be launching our Airline Transport Pilot Degree (ATPD) course in collaboration with The University of Burgos. The first course launches in March 2022 and then will commence every September. Itʼs a 3 Year course providing students with an ATPL and a Bachelor of Science – BSc Commercial Pilot. The ATPD is the complete package. We want to give our students the opportunity to really stand out from the rest and obtain extensive knowledge about the aviation industry. Have a look at the syllabus and fill in the form if you would like more information – Airline Transport Pilot Degree.

The End to End Coaching is seeing a reboot with workshops planned to prepare our students for applying with the airlines of the world. Iʼm honored to be providing these workshops and sharing with students my experience and expertise in interviews and admission tests to give FlyBy graduates the best possible opportunities in their future careers.


News from the world of aviation

In the past month we have seen Norse Atlantic become certified and take delivery of their first aircraft. Norse Atlantic Airways is a new company who will be operating flights between Europe and North America. They received their Air Operators Certificate from the Norwegian Civil Aviation Authority last month, aer taking delivery of their first Boeing 787 Dreamliner on the 20th December 2021. They are looking to build a fleet of 15 aircra and start flying in Spring 2022. More opportunities for future pilots and graduates of FlyBy Aviation Academy!


On the other side of the Atlantic, Canada Jetlines is a low-cost airline which is starting up and intends to fly a fleet of A320ʼs. It signed its first lease last month with the delivery expected in February 2022. All of our students have a great advantage completing their APS MCC on our fully certified Airbus A320 simulator. Eurowings recently restarted their hiring for low-hours first officers on their fleet of A320ʼs Significant investments are being made by airlines around the world giving a positive outlook on the future of aviation and the travel industry.


blue airlines plane

Source: Blue Air

Romanian airline Blue Air took delivery of their 5th 737 Max and have said they are hoping to return to full capacity from April onwards as they have seen a demand increase. The growth doesn’t stop there as Blue Air is expecting another 5 to be delivered in 2022. The 737 Max has been a great success since its return and very popular with the pilots that I have spoken with who have been flying it.

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