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This article will discuss what an ATPL program is as well as how you can complete an integrated program in as little as 14 months for only 79,400 euros, all expenses included, at FlyBy Aviation Academy.

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Pilots do not just start the engine and set off upwards. They have to create a flight plan for the attitude, route, and fuel usage for the journey. They should record all the flight’s technical problems and incidents like drones, bird strikes, and unwelcome passenger behavior. They cannot neglect administrative paperwork because it helps create future navigation plans, safety systems, and technological performance. The pilot cannot communicate with the co-pilot in the same fashion we do in regular conversation.

All these tasks are not achievable without proper training from the right flight school. The training that goes into becoming a pilot and the jargon they must learn require completing enough ground and flight hours for all theatrical and technical skills.

The highest qualification for pilot training is the ATPL flight license. One should complete number of hours of flying experience to begin applying for jobs as a commercial pilot. Different jurisdictions have different requirements. FlyBy Aviation focuses on helping students meet the EASA ATPL requirements which will allow them to fly with any of the major carrier across the European continent. In addition to the broad acceptance of the EASA ATPL, another advantage of FlyBy’s integrated ATPL commercial certification course is that one can achieve this certification starting as a complete novice in as little as 14 months.

Why do we have the best ATP certification?

Instructor training

Having a quality instructor is absolutely crucial for your flight training. Your entire career depends on the instruction you gain from the person who trains you and the ability for you to absorb the material. A trainer who is not thorough will neglect correcting subtle errors in your flying technique. If not corrected, these bad habits will reinforce themselves enough for them to become habit. Thus it is important that instructors meticulously pay attention to every detail of your flight technique so you do not have to break bad habits later down the line.


Your chosen flight school may sometimes require a fully paid school tuition before commencing training. Some schools use this formula without verifying the availability of planes or trainers. Others go as far as imposing a non-refundable policy on the entire fee, even if they are not prepared to deliver what they have promised. This has become quite problematic during the period of the pandemic where a number of flight schools reneged on promises to students with dozens of these students switching to FlyBy.

We have a friendly and professional payment system that considers the value of all pilot licensing training. There is an upfront payment covering the admissions fee and obtaining a Class 1 Medical if you need it (1,000 Euros with a Class 1 and 600 Euros without it) and another 18,600 Euro fee due upfront at the start of training. However the remainder of the fees are paid monthly as you progress through your training.

We are transparent of all fees involved in the training to protect your pursuit for the integrated ATPL flight program. Indeed we are one of the few ATPL integrated programs that offer fully bundled pricing including everything you need to complete your training: ground school training, exams, flight training, shuttle to the airport, VAT, room and board. There are no hidden fees so you can appropriately budget every dime you need to spend to get you to your degree.


You will find numerous training offers covering basic pilot licensing on the Internet. The training costs usually turn out to be higher than what you will get from a school that provides you with an integrated training program since it is put together in such a way that it gets you most efficiently to your goal. With a little motivation and assiduous study you can achieve your goal of becoming a pilot at FlyFy in as little as 14 months even if you do not know anything about flying an airplane.

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