Integrated ATPL

Key Characteristics:

EASA license

Small Class Sizes

Airline Focused training from day 1

Integrated Ground and Flight Training

Airline Fundamentals Training taught by highly experienced pilots

All training completed in Spain

Competency Based MCC Training delivered on FNTP II MCC Simulators

ATPL phases

Course Structure:

  1. Foundation: Months 1 - 2
    Ground School is delivered by experienced pilots on a 5 days per week, 5 hours per day. All training is conducted in English. The first foundation stage will be a theory-only period covering all ground theory required to complete all flight missions.
  2. ATPL Theory and Visual Flight Training: Months 3 - 8
    All 14 EASA ATPL subjects will be taught now. This stage is the most demanding since you will start your flights at the same time as taking your theory lessons. Difficult school exams must be passed before you are allowed to take the official exams before the Civil Aviation Authority. Upon completion, official exams at the Spanish Civil Aviation authority will be taken. Approximately two months after starting this stage, you will take the first Solo flight. Intensive cross-country training is conducted in this stage.
  3. Completing Visual Flight Rating (VFR): Months 9 - 11
    Official exams before the Civil Aviation Authority are taken at the same time as completing VFR flights.
  4. Instruments Flight Rating (IFR): Months 11 - 13
    Flight training gets even more demanding; intensive IFR training is conducted, both in SPIC and dual flights. This stage cannot commence until all ATPL subjects have been passed.
  5. Multi-Engine and Multi Crew Cooperation: Month 14
    Multi Engine training is conducted in faster and more complex airplanes and then final skill tests. This phase also covers MCC competency based training on certified Simulators.

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